Waypoints and waypoints and please correct possible error reversed routes
  • There are two reasons to have a waypoint:
    1. you want to stop there (for instance having lunch, there is a cheap petrol station),
    2. you want to pass there (change a calculated route for some reason, you like the landscape better).

    There is a basic difference between the reasons.
    One side is #1 and #2 is the other side.  For #1 you want to be warned, but may be not for #2.

    So besides of choosing to include a waypoint on the route, there must also be a choice between
    #1 and #2. A solution could be a radiobutton-type choice that when a waypoint is activated you
    can select "stop" or "via";  "stop" for #1, "via" for #2.
    If you have chosen for an active waypoint and "stop" you could get an announcement else not.

    There can be an error present when you revers a route in the "routing points" screen.
     When you have a waypoint as via on a highway the point
    is NOT moved to the opposite lane(!).  (Version 3.0.125) .

    Awaiting the responses,   knibja.

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