How to get tmc info for navigator 17 on windows 1p
  • My question is how to get tmc (traffic info) for navigator 17 on windows 10? (I have navi on w10 in my car)
    I have been searching on internet for some reliable instructies or tutorial. No success.
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  • Hi Jan,
    you will need TMC receiver, may be GNS.

  • Hi Tomas,  i purchased and installed the gns tmc receiver. Configured in Navigator 17 , and shos the TMC logo in upper right corner. When clicking on that logo it shows the download attempts, but every line states that no location table is installed. Where to get the location table and how to install?
  • location tables are supplied with maps
    I think OSM supports Germany and Netherlands only, but I could be wrong
  • where are the files located? and what extension?

  • I think they are part of each .mca file, you cannot see them
  • From the forum i get the picture that i need the tomtom maps to use the TMC . The inital cost for Europe is EUR 89 , with the tt-maps of march 2017 . What is the cost of  updates for tt maps ?
  • TMC delivers no location.
    WINCE version 17.1.6, newest Germany maps from December
    received radio station SWR1 Stuttgart Germany

    All TMC messages I get and I receive a lot contain the first line
    <no location table data installed> [D01-xxxxx]
    where xxxxx is a 5 digit number
    The following message text is always correctly readable like "Road work" or "temporary road closure" etc.

    This means Navigator obviously doesn't know how to translate the transmitted location code into real locations.

    This used to work in older versions. Now with version 17.1.x I can get no more identifiable location.

    So what was changed?
    Do the maps no longer contain TMC location tables?
    Or what?

  • Any chance to get an answer for my previous question?

    As it is right now TMC is useless in the WINCE version.

  • TMC tables are supplied by OSM
    it is possible that they do not maintain them any more
  • Can anybody from the OSM community please check Tomas' statement.

    Searching the web for OSM and TMC I found no hint that TMC was discontinued. And TMC is still described in the OSM wiki.

    Not that I understood it completely but there are 2 TMC tagging schems mentioned: an old and a new style of tagging TMC data.

    Please I like usefull TMC messages back with corresponding map locations, otherwise useless.


  • @Uli I looked into MCA files and here is the result:
    germany_north_osm 201703200 has TMC locations
    germany_north_osm 201711260 does not have TMC locations

    I do not know what changed, it seems that OSM provides TMC without change. Just our parser is not able to parse it...
  • How can the tmc locations be added to the mca file for the netherlands? The Netherland TMC code tables are accessible, i can send a copy.
  • Now 6 months have passed:

    Are there any news about the no more existing/parsable TMC location tables?

    Are any investigation done at all or is that a dead project for Mapfactor?

    MNF's TMC in Windows and WINCE navigation units is otherwise useless.

  • No news at all, I've just created a ticket for it in our bug system and I assigned it to one developer.

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