A nasty bug in Navigator 17 on Windows 10
  • Tomas,

    Do not know if this is the right place to report a bug. But this one is quite serious.
    I use a Intel NUC with W10 as my in car navigation, works fine.
    However if i first stop Navigator and then use power off to stop the NUC, the files odometer.xml and/or settings.xml in the Roaming sub-folder get corrupted.
    If i do not stop Navigator but just power off, all goes fine, no corruption.
    I tested this extensively in my office and in my car and is reproducable.

    Note: i explicitly stopped hibernation in W10.

    Als note that if i go to the menu pane from the navigation pane(the map), and then choose the stop button in the menu pane, the menu pane dissapears and the navigation pane returns and actually the map and cursor continues to move if the car moves. Yet the PC_Navigator.exe is no longer listed in the windowss processes view. Weird.
    May be this has to do with the corruption somehow?

    Looking forward to your response.

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  • may be you are too quick
    give it a little time after closing Navigator

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