Disable navigator free warning on wince 6 (running on the roadnav S100)
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    Probably a stupid newby question, but is it possible to disable/change the warning at startup (the blue screen that welcomes you to the free navigation version and tells about openstreetmap on my WinCE version). I can't seem to find it in the settings and would like the screen to directly go to the map when I start the car. I'm asking this because this screen has an OK button and appears every time I start the car (if the message would be there for a few seconds and then dissapear that would also be no problem, but pressing the OK button after every start is annoying so a don't show again checkmark would be greatly appreciated).
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  • Check for the firmware updates it may be fixed in new updates, If not so for this we need some firmware modifications which is officially not recommended, but i am sure any expert can fix through kernal settings i would suggest dont try it by yourself it can crack your navroad software.

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