How to find villages without street names?
  • Hi,

    I've just once again bumped into a problem I've encountered repeatedly before:

    In areas where OSM coverage is a bit spotty, it is customary to at least mark the centre of a smallish settlement with a "place=hamlet" or "place=village" tag and its name. 

    Is there a way to find these places using Navigator's Search function? 

    Every time I try, I am shown the name of the village; I tap on that, and the next thing I see is the three sad faces telling me "no streets". 

    I then have to scroll around the map looking for that place name - or do I?
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  • please give example
  • Search...
    Country: Ireland
    Place names no. 3 , 4 , 5 , 9 , 10 , 11 , ...

  • I have Bray No 3, Dundalk No 3, Ennis No 3, Wexford No 3 and some others (in free maps)
    similar for 4...
  • That'S weird; when I tap on Ireland, I get...

    13thLock (ok)
    9 Mile Stone (ok)
    Abartagh - Clasmore (No streets)
    Abberanville - Raford ED (No streets)
    Abbert - Abbey East ED (No streets)
    Abbert Demesne - Abbey East ED  (ok)
    Abbey (..)  (ok)
    Abbey - Abbey West ED (ok)
    Abbey - Kilflyn (No streets)

    I had actually been looking for Omey in County Galway; it is listed as ...
    Barnaronaun (Omey) - Bencorr ED    (No streets)
    Rusheen (Omey) - Sillerna ED        (No streets)

  • I do see the same.

    Did you check openstreetmap;.org?

    The "Abartagh - Clasmore (No streets)", "Abberanville - Raford ED (No streets)", "Abbert - Abbey East ED (No streets)" do indeed have no streets.

    And if you would have checked Google Maps: the same. doesn't even know the first and the second.

    edit: sorry. forgot to add that indeed it doesn't seem possible to add it as destination (or departure).
  • And if you have Eircode like:  D04 T6F4 for destination?
    Eircode (Ireland)
  • Eircode doesn't work.
    Searching via Google does work as it simply  "translates" to coordinates.
  • Should one consider it a bug that Navigator is unable to show places from its own directory because it insists on being give a street to find?

  • Yes, I consider it a bug.
    Also because in Poland hamlets can have house numbers connected to hamlet name. Not to a street.
    In Japan and Russia the addressing can work differently as well. By means of house blocks in grids.

    I have no idea how Navigator handles those.
  • I passed it to developers
  • Thanks - I hope they will find a solution.
  • Hi, those "villages" are polygons in OSM source. In our data structure it has not any coordinates. I suggested to filter this data but @tomas disagreed and others did not answer on it.

    However I applied this filter in our new search engine which should be part of Android Navigator 4.0. My personal estimation for this release is Q2 2018.
  • Oh - I see, my mistake:  I simply took it for granted that those names would be linked to the "hamlet" icons on the map, without checking in OSM.
    Most of them are, in fact, the Townlands that Irish enthusiasts have been entering into OSM for the past few years.
    Still, it would be nice if Navigator could find them like OSM itself does.
    Hoping for 2018, then.
  • Try to use coordinates. It should help you
  • In some cases coordinates might help, but not in mine - I had read something about Omey, Co. Galway, and was wondering whether it was close enough to the hotel I was staying in to make a visit worthwhile.

    As I had no idea where in County Galway it is, I didn't have any coordinates to search for.
  • I know Omey Island west of Clifden. Maybe Google might help.
  • Thanks; you're right.
    ...and I did eventually find it - though not, unfortunately, through Navigator.  :-(

    ...and sorry about the small letters - I forgot I didn't want to use Boat Browser any more,

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