Navigator FREE 16,17 keeps minimizing in Windows CE (Chinese car unit)
    • Hello,

    • I first used Navigator Free 16 and it worked perfectly while testing, until after restarting the unit. It suddenly started to keep minimizing the application. I decided to update to Navigator 17 and it became even worse because it did not even allow me to at least restart the unit before misbehaving. It started to misbehave immediately when you select Switch to FREE version. I am using United Republic of Tanzania maps which are free. Please help me figure out what i should do that can probably fix this.

    • My details:
    • a) Software Version: Navigator FREE 17.0.0
    • b) Operating system version: Windows CE (From a 2015 double din chinese radio unit with GPS for Land cruiser.)
    • - Mcu Ver: EW 20K-Dec 12 2015-09:40:55
    • - OS Ver:  V.YC002.200000.160108 
    • - App Ver: DVDCF-T-YZGbm-2016-01-18S
    • - Platform: MT3360



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