Route not Found - Reasons?
  • It would be helpful that instead of showing 'Route not Found' the system would give an indication as to why and maybe zoom to the problem. 
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  • this has been discussed, but it is not as easy as you think
    may be later
  • I was trying to plot a route from West Kent, UK, to Rouen, France. The quickest route is via the Channel Tunnel and then the autoroute. In my car profile, I allow the tunnel but not ferries. This is what caused the problem. 

    Why it thinks the quickest route is about an hours driving, queuing to get on followed by a 4 hour ferry journey is quicker is slightly confusing!
  • if you are using free maps, try to enable small local roads
    with TomTom maps that is not needed
  • "try to enable small local roads" is not doing the trick.

    Channel Tunnel is not driveable by car.
    There is no option for car on train through tunnel in Mapfactor Navigator

    Ferry crossing Dover - Calais: 1 1/2 hours ;)

    I'm regular on Landbridge Dublin - Calais. P&O seems more flexible.
    I book always a ferry I can get. driving + breaks & approximate 2 hours spare for eventualities. If I'm hours before the sailing of booked ferry. I mostly get onto the earlier ferry. ;). Not on prime time sailings.
    Be aware
    - when Operation Stack Kent Police is in place
    - of start UK school holidays

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