Maps no longer work
  • Hello all,

    I have a WIN CE head unit and was using Navigator 16 (free maps) nicely for about 1 month when one time on loading it froze at about 90% of the "load bar".

    So I took out the SD card, went back to the setup utility and re-installed the software to it.

    I then used the setup utility to re-download the maps and install them to a folder called "data" (all created within the setup utility).

    Now, the software loads up on my head unit (after re-entering the free licence key), but no maps.
    (The speed camera info is showing on the "map selection" menu but no maps).

    So I went back to the setup utility and created a new folder called "navigator" and installed the re-downloaded maps in to there.
    Back to the car, loaded the software but still no maps.

    Back to the setup utility and created a new folder within "navigator" called "data" and then installed the maps into there.
    To the car again, software loads up but yet again no map.

    So I thought I'd start from the very beginning again.
    I formatted the SD card, deleted the setup utility and re-downloaded it. Re-installed Navigator 16 (free) into a folder called "navigator" and then installed the newly downloaded maps in to a folder called "data" (all done via the setup utility.

    Back to the car for one final time........ sat nav software loads but NO MAPS !!!

    What the hell am I doing wrong?

    Cheers for any replies.

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  • please email logs
  • hi tomas,

    Before re-installing everything on my SD card I formatted it.
    Would there now be any relevant 'log' file that could be useful?

  • not after reformat
  • ok....

    would I be right in saying that the maps MUST be in a path called "navigator/data" ?

    if that is right then must that be SDcard:/nagivator/data 


    thanks for any help you can give.

  • android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/data

  • thanks Tomas.

    What would be the file path for WIN CE devices?

    The problem I have is with my WIN CE car head-unit.


  • anywhere, Navigator will find them

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