Map labels language setting not saved correctly on Windows Phone navigator
  • Hi,
    I'd like to report a bug with WP version of Mapfactor Navigator.
    The "map labels language" option is not saved accross app restart.
    I use my application in Czech and default option for "map labels" is "app language". So instead of "Warszawa" I see "Varšava", instead "Salzburg" I see "Solnohrad" and many many others.
    So I change it in settings to "local names", go back to map and its nice and dandy.
    However when I close the app and start again, the map labels are displayed in the "app language". In case my app is in czech, I see Varšava again, when my app is in eg. english, I see Warsaw, Vienna and Prague instead of Warszawa, Wien and Praha.
    So I have to navigate into settings > language > map labels language... and even though "local names" are selected it does not work and I need to re-select it again. Afterwards the names are correctly displaed as local names.
    So to sum up - the settings menu is displaying correct setting, but the bevavior of the app is "reset" to the default one after app restart.
    Hope its clear if not we can discuss in chech :)

    EDIT: my phone is lumia 620
    EDIT2: forgot to say that this is very annoying because it also messes up the searching of towns, instead of Bielsko-Biała I need to search for Bílsko-Bělá which I don't even know how to spell correctly. Or try finding Salzburg when its spelled Solnohrad...
    EDIT3: after playing with this a lot it seem to be affected also by the map zoom... specifically - on very large zoom it always displaying the labels in local language as Warszawa and Wien regardles of what I selected in the menu (app language, english, local)
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  • In settings,  you do distinguish between:
    - Application Language
    - Map language
    and set the language for both like: English (UK)
  • Bielsko for city search gives:
    Bielsko (...)
    Bielsko County (powiat bielsky) county
    Bielsko- Biala (...)

    with MapFactor Navigator 3.1.13

    stays in English (UK) after exit and restart.
  • Hi Jan, I wrote in a first sentence that this happens on Windows Phone version.
    The exact version I have (latest from store) is and it was updated recently (less then month ago). On a tablet I tried the android version and it works fine there.
  • Today I tested this on different WP phone - Lumia 830.
    The behaviour there is same - "local names" in map are visible only until app restart. AFter app is started again, the map labels are shown in "app language" instead of local language again. (even though in settins local language is selected.).
    So it appears to be general bug not only problem on my phone.
  • bump
    Im still waiting for a comment from the mapfactor team. I understand that WP is a minor platform when looking at the userbase, but I'd like to know if there is some bugfix release planned ?
    I have at least one more bug to report but if WP version is going to be sunset then what's the point....
  • I tested on PC and Lumia and settings was saved correctly
  • :/
    I tried on a third phone (lumia 820) and the bug is there.
    Sometimes is needed to zoom in and zoom out to re-draw the map to see the changes, eg either when I re-select the "local names" in settings, or when I restart the app.
    withou zoom-in and zoom-out sometimes it shows the "old" labels, but zoom forces it to redraw.
    I can make a video if needed.

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