copying files from Android to windows version xml files
  • I run a pilot car company(escorting oversize load trucks) and I'm using an android phone, android tablet and a windows 10 tablet plus a windows 10 laptop. I like to have multiple backups. I have Navigator on the Android phone and tablet (Pd version with TomTom maps on tablet). PC Navigator 16 free on the Win 10 tablet and Laptop (still checking the program out.) For the Android in my places I have pickup sites, routes, borders etv...  I know what files these are.. and where the are stored  on my tablet.  favourites.xml, navigation.hml, routing_points.hml. 

    I have a backup of these files in case anything happens, 

    The other day I was on a trio and one of my employees forgot his tablet, so I gave him my android to use. Which left ne with my win 10 tablet which I had to scramble to put the route in. I hope there is some way to transfer and get these hml routes to work with both operating systems as I have over 200 routes and pickup/dropoff points saved on the android tablet.  
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  • yes, you  can copy these files accross
  • Where are the files stored in the windows version?

  • PC Navigator i Program data\Navigator\installations\data\

    MS Store version in  c:\Users\"USER"\AppData\Local\Packages\MapFactor.50145830A70D5_nv3ndeqq4mbyr\LocalState\navigator\data\
  • All i know , you can transfer data to computer , then you can copy these data to Disk.C or Disk.D /  Tabletop , in this way , you can import the data into an XML file

  • @ Tnasker:
    Hi , why can't you directly transfer messges to xml files? in my opinion , if there are restrictions ,
    You can try this one :
  • Or simply share to Google drive, dropbox, Onedrive, etc.
    That way you have immediately a backup and can use them on any device.
  • is based on owncloud. File are encrypted automatically. Servers are located in Germany with its stricts privacy protection law. 3GB are free. Some similar products may be available in Europe so there is no need to use US based products.

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