Deadly navigation: Jump down the bridge.
  • This happens on my two devices with latest Playstore versions of Navigator and maps as of today:


    This is the Sauertalbrücke (Autobahn) just north of Wasserbillig, Luxemburg, driving from Luxemburg to Germany.

    The green arrow on the road shows straight on, but picture for the next navigation step and voice command is "turn right". The brigde ist up to 100m high there. Although it my be difficult to brake through the side rails of the bridge and the command is obviously nonsense, no navigation software should recommend this.
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  • please send logs, routing_points.xml and vehicle_profiles.xml
  • This is certainly nothing related to personal settings. It is an Autobahn. No exit there, no entry there. Rails on both sides of the road assure, that noboby should leave the road there. Even more as it is a bridge 100m high.
  • I just tried this; at least Navigator is consistent ;-)

    Crossing the bridge from East to West gives you a voice command to „turn left”.

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