Map Download freezes after screen gone to sleep (* perhaps explained *)
  • When I start to download multiple maps over WiFi, and then screen goes to sleep, when I open Navigator again it's stuck - no WiFi bandwidth being used, and an almost empty white screen with rotating 'busy' circle in centre and grey 'Connect' box across bottom of screen.
    I am unable to then use Navigator, except by force-closing it first. 
    IIRC It has finished one download but not any others. 
    I have cleared all App Data and restarted phone - no improvement.
    Meizu M2 Note (M571H)
    Android 5.1
    Build number: Flyme
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  • Eh, don't open new Navigator session.
    pull device topbar down (android) and select Navigator again.
    Ignore the navigator update popup.
    Download from Main Navigator Menu: Map manager, is sometimes less problematic.
    - When returning in Navigator from locked screen avoid to cancel download.
    - Download only maps from stable/fast wifi connection like at home (broadband)

  • You could also check the WiFi energy saving settings of your phone. Normally the Wifi will be turned off after a short moment when the phone goes to sleep.
  • @Garfield
    It looks like wifi does NOT normally get switched off for my phone
    - Cellular data is disabled
    - I get gmail notification beeps when screen asleep
    - Android Settings - WLAN - Advanced Settings - WLAN Settings - Disable when screen is locked/To reduce power consumption is NOT ENABLED. BTW I enabled and then not enabled this, in case it is out of step. Hmm no. Still freezes.
  • @Jan_Gruuthuse
    A) I wasn't opening a new Navigator session. When my phone is woken up, the screen is ALREADY on Navigator.
    B) I was ignoring the Navigator Update popup. 
    C) I chose Main Navigator Menu - Map Manager - Download Maps
    D) When returning from locked screen, I did not cancel download. I could do NOTHING - IT WAS FROZEN
    E) When something DID happen, a popup appeared saying "Navigator isn't responding. Do you want to close it? Wait - Report - OK' I tried 'Wait;' but nothing happened
  • I have come across issues like this before (I am a software developer) i.,e. no program changes; it now crashes. 
    Sometimes it happens because SOMETHING ELSE has changed e.g. new phone firmware, which did happen to me a few months ago.
    I have also looked into crashing programs and wondered how they ever worked - they failed to follow the API protocols. 
    A) They worked previously because the 'other party' was either very relaxed and then changed the way it operated, or 
    B) the failing program was not handling an error properly, and the 'other party' changed its own error handling (both ways being acceptable to the API standard)
    Just saying ...
  • Further info, which might explain things.
    Settings - Device - Battery -  Optimization - More modes - Standby Management (automatically clear background app 3 minutes after your phone goes into standby mode ...)
    Navigator was NOT SELECTED.
    I did not knowlingly unselect Navigator. It is now selected.
    I expect that this explains the problem I had (I have now downloaded all the maps I want, so not sure whether it is fixed)
    *PS* Maybe make Map Download recover from going to sleep!

  • This could have been an issue with the Meizu M2 Note Android OpSys. A new version came out which I installed, and the readme notes said that there had been a problem with Apps going to sleep that should have been kept alive.
  • Set no sleep when on mains power works for me.

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