WLAN weaknesses are stopping map download
  • Sometimes my public WLAN has short interruptions. Mapfactors stops the download of maps and does not continue. I have to cancel the downlaod and  restart. After some minutes the same problem and never any completed map download. Mapfactor asks for reenabling the WLAN even if there is an active connection.

    How about a less sensible detection of my network flow?! How about just continuing?!

    Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
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  • I think at one of the download techniques (direct or torrent, I am not sure which) Navigator is able to resume download where it stopped before. Did you try both of them?
  • Update charts (big ones) only when using your Wifi home over broadband (cable/fiber/xdsl)
    Downloads are sometimes over 1 GB.
    Check if you can setup 5G wifi.
    I've added this dedicated setup:
    broadband router -> Lan cable -> Wifi AP 5 Gz 80 Mhz channels
    Samsung phone and tablet have now download speeds 53.88 - 74.31 Mbps
    only taking some minutes
  • Direct downloads resume for me if stopped.
  • torrent downloads resume where they stopped. That is the great power of them.
  • Can someone please post the torrent download link so that I can download the USA maps and have them install onto my android car headunit?
  • there is no such direct link, you can download maps using our PC version:
    once maps are downloaded, copy them to your device, android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/data folder.
  • Thanks. Taken from memory downloads resumed in the past but at the moment they always start from scratch.

    I  will try the pc version.

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