How to use Google StreetView?
  • I am using MapFactor Navigator free and but cannot view any POI with StreetView,
    In the Map tap to any POI, choose "Show on Google Street View", but always get "Google StreetView is dot installed!" message.
    Using MapFactor Navigator version 3.0.91, Android 6.0.1 security level 1. May 2016, Sony Xperia Z3 compact, Model D5803
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  • Sorry, I forget to say that I have installed Google Maps Street View Player version 1.4.2
    Any ideas?
  • are you connected?
  • On my Samsung Galaxy Tab4 8.0 it works with the app "Google Street View" (version is 2.x) downloaded just a couple of minutes ago. Navigator is the latest version from Google Playstore.

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