Change position of info panels in landscape mode
  • Feature Request 1:
    Normally on my phone I use Navigator in portrait mode. For the simple fact that I have much more pixels in the vertical axis, meaning in my driving direction.
    The current layout for Portrait mode is very nice (from my point of view)

    However, the human view is more a landscape like "wide screen" view, instead of portrait view. And so is the view through the windscreen of your car. A lot of users use the phone (or tablet) therefore in landscape mode, which feels slightly more natural. Lots of builtin systems in cars are always in landscape mode, and so are the new Android multi-function radio/cd/mp3/gps/navigation units now available which allow you to install any navigation software. (I hope to get this one first week of January)
    The landscape mode has a lot of "unused" space left and right, and it "misses" pixels in the vertical axis. This get even worse in Navigator due to the info panels as the bottom.
    Original landscape design:
    This bottom row of info panels, as useful as they are, take 10% ! of your vertical pixels away.

    To me the UI design would improve a lot if these (useful) info panels would move to the side in landscape mode.
    New landscape "design", no overlays:

    And of course when you get the overlays for the "motorway signs" and the "lane assistant", you do overlay them. It is only for a short period so you can easily miss the info of the panels for a few seconds.
    New landscape "design", with overlays

    I think this would greatly enhance the "visibility" of your route in portrait mode as it gives you 10% more vertical pixels. Also because the "directions ->distance to next turn" button in the bottom left and the map mode button on the bottom right would also move 10% in downward direction.
    (note: As mentioned in other topics: I drive a lot of rental cars and a lot of those cars have those builtin landscape navigation units having this "on the side" button/panel design.)

    Feature request 1a:
    As you can see I put the buttons on the left side of the landscape screen. This is done on purpose as I drive a car with the steering wheel on the left side. This means that I want the info as close to me as possible for better and safer immediate view.
    However, if I would live in a country where they drive on the "wrong" side of the road having the steering wheel on the "wrong" side of the car :), I can imagine I would want to have the buttons on the right side of the screen.

    Note: If you agree with this design, or not at all, please share your remarks. Or simply use the blue "up-vote/down-vote" button on the left of every post.
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  • This is an old thread but I would like to resurrect it.

    Main reasons are :-

    New phones are getting bigger and usually on length.
    The majority of the motorcyclists are restricted on space and in my case a big phone must be placed in the landscape mode - physically restricted.

    Till now have been using my BB Z30 in portrait mode but now that is due for replacement I will need to place the new phone in landscape as it will be much bigger ( and no I am not buying a small one :) ).

    In landscape mode we lose valuable map screen to the control and information panels. Using smaller panels is not a solution especially for motorcyclists indeed the opposite is true.

    We need the option to place all information panels to the left or right of the screen.
    Please, please preview and implement as soon as possible. [-O<
  • More flexibility, I can see the advantage, for landscape usage.
    I'm a portrait user on 9,7 inch Display 2048 x 1536 pixels (QXGA)
    Info panel on left or right side in portrait mode would not be bad either?
    Option Display @ Left/Right/Bottom side of screen.
    - additional extra info panel would not be bad (6 is max now)
  • The new 3.0 version has now configurable panel sizes: small, medium, large.
    With small the vertical loss is of course less than 10%, with large it is even more.
    I am currently using small panel size, but from the car chair to the windscreen on a 4.5" screen with small panels makes them indeed rather small :)
  • This makes a lot of sense. I use landscape mode as it does look more natural. having the info panels on the side would be better.
  • I usually use the portrait mode, because in landscape mode the display is to small. So, this would be a fine thing, if it could be done.

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