Imported track Route not found
  • I often import tracks from a PC Software. I convert them with the app "Route Importer".
    So I have them under "My Places" "My Routes". I load them and have many Routing Point.
    When I calculate the route I often get the message "Route not found".
    Is there a possibility to recognizes which Routing Point is the problem?
    Up to now I dismark manually some routing points until the calculation works, but that can´t be a solution!!
    Why can´t there be a hint "Route not found at Waypoint xyz"??
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  • Are you loading tracks? ("I often import tracks")
    Or are you loading Waypoint or Route GPX files?

    Tracks containing sometimes 2000-6000 points are not the correct GPX files to determine a route. The fact that you mention that you have "many routing point" already suggest that you have a track file.

    Do not simply import a track file. Create a route or waypoint file containing up to max. 15-20 points. That is the right way to calculate a route. In any Navigation app. I know that some apps can follow a track and warn you if you deviate from it, but calculating a route on so many points is not the right way to do it.

    Please read some more about the difference between GPX files containing tracks, waypoints or routes (or combinations).
  • Hello hvdwolf,
    I plan the route with a PC program "Tyre to travel". From there I export this route as a gpx file.
    This file has about 50 - 100 waypoints. (15 to 20 waypoints is not enough, because I want to have the route for motorbiking and I want to have many curves...) After that I import this file with the Android App "Route Importer", so that is is added to routing_points.xml. Up to this all works. But sometimes MFN has a problem by calculating this route and says "Route not found". I can find the mistake - it is mostly a point that MFN can´t use, because it is not on a road. My PC program is maybe not so exact. The problem is that it is try and error to find this special point among the 50 - 100 points. It would be nice if MFN can tell me why the route is not found, maybe by a hint "Route not found after waypoint 65" or so.
  • I understand. 
    That would indeed be a nice addition. I have experienced this as well in the past, but I thought your issue was simply due to too many points.

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