Fixed: 2.2.74 2D hardware renderer unexpected exit
  • version 2.2.78 seems to fix this issue

    MapFactor Navigator version 2.2.74
    device: SM-T810 9.7''
    Map renderer: Hardware (experimental)
    Map UK 44-201612010

    Hardware 2D while simulating

    Departure Dover, CT16 1JA        lat:184061632 lon:4799552
    Waypoint: M42 from Dover        lat:188453530 lon:-6506942
    Waypoint: M56 from Dover        lat:192061750 lon:-9034454
    Destination: Holyhead, Llanfawr road    lat:191905868 lon:-16669312

    - car
    - fastest
    - on: Highway -> Local Road
    - off: Small Local Road -> Congestion Charge

    After driving for 13 KM @ Alkham Valley Road, navigator leaves and closes unexpected, nothing special showing in log.

    is only happening in 2D hardware renderer, 2D software render is OK. Also 3D are both OK.
    Files (22.4 KB total)
    Will be deleted on 19 December, 2016
    Download link:

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  • Thank you for very good report
    I fixed it in current development version, I am not sure if it will be backported to 2.2 version
  • Sorry Don't quite follow: I'm on Beta (beta tester on google play). Is there a new download link?

    Just got 2.2.78 and testing.
  • I think, @lubos will be at 3.x. That is, why he is talking about backporting ...
  • Looking forward to release 3.x. Can't wait testing.
    Preliminary test: 2.2.78 seems to fix the issue.

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