Night mode colours
  • Please could the developers provide different colours for night mode. As a night driver the brown is poor tbh. One can edit the colours I believe but I don't want to mess up. Day mode colours are too bright even if the brightness is reduced. Perhaps the night colours could be chosen from what Here maps and Navmii use which are a fairly good choice.
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  • you can create your own colours in settings > map customisation
  • - open this in Android browser, when you open it, it offers you open in Navigator
  • so, the answer is no map factor will not
    but as you knew, you can create our own
  • Lubos offered alternative, why don't you follow his instructions?
  • @Dave: the answer is yes, mapfactor does. 
    Did you check Lubos' link where you can download other night themes.

  • @lubos:
    I downloaded one *.mtheme, but nothing happend exept a mail I had to send to your support. I found that file in my download folder.
  • you should see the imported scheme in settings/map customisation/ma colours
  • When I did the download and tapped on the file in Downloads it did not offer Navigator as an option. When I tapped on the file in Total Commander I was given the option Open with Navigator, and then to choose whether set as Day, Night, or just Import. The imported scheme could then be found as Tomas says.
  • Download seems to be in the standard download folder of the browser, so Mapfactor will not find it immediately. I had to "open" (tap on it) it from the download list of the browser and was asked, which app I wanted to use. When I selected Mapfactor I could find it only afterwards using the settings path @tomas mentions above.
  • @tomas:
    I cant find that customisation under that setting. Is it why I installed MFN on SDCard under Android 4.4?
  • you need version 2.2.x or higher
    in older version it is in settings/map colours
  • Thanks all. Just tried 486game, Blue Night, Dark Night and High Contrast. All are an improvement on the brown i think. As john_percy mentioned Total Commander i used it... after finding 'my files' didn't provide the 'open with' dialogue.

    The next update i hope will include these themes by default... if I had known they existing in the link i would have tried them earlier. Editing one's own is quite a long exercise from what i could deduce.

    However the smartphone screen is bright compared with a satnav like garmin for a pro driver in a cab for 10-12 hours even after turning down the brightness in phone settings.
  • 486 game is my preference for day and for night is Dark Night. I find these kinder on the eyes whilst in a truck with long hours of use.
  • Thanks, I made this themes in 2014. It wont be part of next version
  • V.good effort - i love them.

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