1. changing route automatically due to traffic jam - 2. who gives / updates the signs of stores
  • I dont want you to get tired !! This is the 2nd question (includes 2 questions) and hope not needing to ask again . 

    i Have paid navigator application  in android phone , and paid maps tom tom .. 

    Questions : 

    1. Once , one technician or representative , have promised me that one day will include in its application . 

    Guys this is the only thing that is missing from a gps !! (in contrast to tom tom itself application ) 

    Its a new era , when your phone , changes the route you had pre-set , due to traffic jam .. 

    Please , do you know when it will happen ? !!! 

    will it be of the same cost , or have to pay more  ? 

    2. Some known places in my neighborhood , for example bank, tavern, pharmacy , etc 
    have changed their name , changed position since years, or closed totally ..
    who updates them ?

    someone from Greece (where i live) without your reaction, 
    or by you or tom tom ? 

    how can we help changing them ?  
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  • 1. When navigating tap on the map. You get a window, which asks you to confirm the distance to the obstacle. A second screen asks you to confirm the length of the obstacle. After having done this, you will get an new route.

    2. For tomtom maps I don't know. But you will have to report any changes via the tomtom website and afterwards buy a (discounted) new map update from Mapfactor (check the date of map data!).

    OSM maps are basically updated once a month. You may change OSM data at openstreetmap.org and will get your change (depending on processing dates) upon the free download of new maps within two months at the latest.
  • i meant automatically re-count of the route due to traffic ... 

    sth before a month , one lady had told me in youtube channel that will be made what i asked whithin 2-3 months 

  • HD traffic will be available soon, please be patient

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