No map updates for PC setup utility v.
  • A couple of weeks ago I was offered to update the PC setup utility, so I did.

    But now I do not get any map updates.

    By the way, on the start menu of Windows, the app is called Navigator 15, on the lower right corner of the utility itself, the version is listed as 16.03 ...

    In programs and features (win 10 pro, the version is listed as 15.0.2-1

    After removing and reinstalling (after fresh download) I have found out later, that there is a program directory Navigator 15 and a separate app in programs and features. So I removed everything again, i.e Setup utility 16 and Navigator 15 und installed Setup utility 16 again what ended, that I have Navigator 15 an Setup utility 15 on the start menu, but a program and setup utility directory 16 now. If I rememper well, I was welcomed by a splash screen welcoming me to Navigator 14 ...

    It is always the same with that utitily. Upgrades end in a mess.

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