Application text way too bright in nightmode
  • This feature requests is about the application texts in nightmode which are white and therefore way too bright. It is not about the text inside the map (which can be changed with the map editor).

    See below image (this image already is my modified night mode which is much darker than the original navigator night mode):

    The application text for the compas (N / E / W / S) is bright white (#FFFFFF)
    The text in the road sign (here "Amersfoort / Kampen" is bright white (#FFFFFF)
    The text below for the exit and next exit are bright white (#FFFFFF)
    And the text in the bottom menu bar are bright white (#FFFFFF).
    In night mode that is way too bright. It is the brightest color your display can show. It is like a floodlight on a dark road. Yesterday evening I drove the first part in rear rural environment without street lights. The Navigator display is like a torch in the dark (image below is just an example inside a city). Once on the highway with enough lights it is no problem.
    Please change the bright white to some grayish softer tone.

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  • 2D view (I have 9.2 inch amoled) is mounted near the right doorpost (passenger side)
    I'm using the android device light slider to adjust screen brightness [v] auto
    - full when sunny
    - 50 % turned down on none lighted motorways, a little higher on bright lighted roads.

    The green directional arrows going to blind you ;)

  • If it can be solved by adjusting the screen brightness, then I recommend a simple and effective app for automatic brightness:
  • I do not agree with the brightness apps. I do know these apps. I have a Samsung S5 mini with automatic brightness adjustment which works even better.
    But a brightness app is not the solution.
    A brightness app works on the entire screen, thereby also reducing the brightness of the dark map background which is not a problem at all. 
    I'm only complaining about the app texts. The Gui setup for the night vision is not well designed could be improved :). The person who designed it should have thought about the bright white texts. If you look at design guidelines these contrast differences are way too big.

    And yes: the green arrows, which I do like btw, are also a bright disco light at night. 

    Edit: and using a slider while driving is dangerous and should not be used. Especially when the device is mounted at the right doorpost and requires you to stretch all the way to the device

  • I adjust slider before I drive and leave on auto or stop on service area (every 2 hours , small break)
    It hangs there, so I'm not able to play with it :P
    Not to block my view

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