TomTom Maps and Street Numbers
  • Hi all,

    I have just installed Mapfactor and purchased the European Tomtom maps but the search function just lets me input Country/postcode. The street search function takes me straight to the postcode search and there is obviously no way to add numbers either.

    Is it something simple or am I just asking too much from the software?

    Thanks in advance...
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  • street numbers are displayed once you find street, not before
  • Ι got it...

    If on 'City/Region/Postcode' I insert the postcode then it takes me straight to the Navigation mode, without being able to see the road or choose the number.

    However, if I put the city's name I can then select street and number.

    A bit strange because having the postcode in hand should make navigation easier, but if I can't insert the number, then postcode search is a bit useless when the road is really long! 
  • you probaly mean UK postcodes - these are not linked to house numbers, these are sourced from Ordnance Survey
  • You are right. I tried searching another country with the postcode and then the street/number was an option. It's just the UK it is not!
  • I do not think you need it in the UK - unlike on continent, UK postcodes are more precise and adequate for destination

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