V11 crashes
  • Hi,

    On my netbook V11 crashes
    - when zooming out to max. level,
    - after choosing a city in the california map.

    Anyone else? Any cure?

    KR, Andy
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  • can you have a look at navigator.log.txt? Could it be problem that the maps are from version 10?
  • I had deinstalled V10 before I installed V11, but anyway, I had a look
    at the file..

    DMP 2011/06/16 19:50:33 usa_california_osm : data version=41, data creation=201104230, vendor id=1, license id=0, path='C:\Program Files\Navigator11\downloads\Data\usa_california_osm.mca\'

    looks ok for me?
    anything else to look for.. V11.0.8, Windows 7..

    last lines in the fiel:

    DMP 2011/06/16 19:50:37 PROFILER: <1> initBarneyUniverse() - 4.119 secs
    DMP 2011/06/16 19:50:46 __except-ion handling (hard crash)
  • are all data "data version=41"? In particular earth_osm (that is the MCA you see in higher zoom). Any special settings? Disabled roads?
  • p.s. I do not know if it is good news or bad news - it crashed on my machine now too, and it was caused by not properly converted
    DMP 2011/06/20 15:08:17 mexico_osm : data version=41, data creation=201106120,
    ... it is close to California, so you may for a moment delete it. We will try to fix it ASAP.
  • well, Mexico fixed, but there was also a problem in conversion usa_california_osm (network was too huge for given region). New data (June) should be computed tomorrow (?) - in the worst case we will have to split it in two parts.
  • Tnx Martin..

    Yes, all are version=41.. no special settings.. let's see if it works after new computation..

  • only small progress info about California computation - the text box for route numbers overflow, and it was caused by "road numbers" like
    | id_osm | route_number |
    | 4335904 | from Gorman School Road |
    | 10390250 | from Frazier Mountain Park Road East |
    | 10715062 | from East Thompson Blvd westbound via Chestnut St |
    | 10715376 | from North Rose Ave South |
    | 10718443 | from North Rose Ave South |
    | 10718445 | from North Rose Ave North |
    | 10718655 | from Wood Road South |
    | 10720331 | from Wood Road South |
    | 10720436 | from North Rose Ave North |
    | 10724306 | from East Thompson Blvd |

    so it is probably incorrect usage of 'ref' tag (?)
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