Android: Connection to external (bluetooth) GPS doesn't work
  • I tried to use a tablet with bluetooth GPS connection. Although other aps like Satstat or Here shows the position (by means of a bluetooth GPS apps - tried 2 out of the playstore), the Navigator doesn't see it as a GPS device. It is waiting, waiting, waiting.

    I have seen, you even offer BT GPS receivers, so what is wrong with my combination? Couldn't find something in the settings to solve this issue.
    Again: Here as a navigation app works, but I would prefer Navigator.

    The device I am running is an Android 4.4.4.
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  • For testing purposes I once tried Bluetooth GPS provider on my Android 4.4.4 phone. That worked for me perfectly with Navigator.
    As far as I remember I had to enable fake positions for it to work.

  • Fake position is enabled in Developer Section.
    But I found this is not enough to do. I have additionally to use a GPS Bluetoot App.
    This is comfortable, as it switches on also the Bluetooth itself and connects to the GPS.
    It's strange that 3 out of 2 apps show a position, but Navigator not.

    Setting/Position is not of any importance. I tried it with enabled, disabled, exact or Wifi Position - that doesn't matter.
  • "Bluetooth GPS Provider" is such an app you have to use in Android.
    Which ones did you try?

  • Exactly this one I use. The one from
    Without this app "here" and "satstat" doesn't work. But Navigator I didn't get working even with this one.
  • I used Bluetooth GPS from Google Play, it works well with Navigator
  • Thanks for your feedback.
    As it works for others, I just deleted and reinstalled it. Now it works fine.
    No idea what has been wrong.
    Is there a way to avoid deinstallation and re-download of the map?

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