Navigate a GPX file
  • Can I import a GPX file created in another application or downloaded from WikiLocs and then navigate it using MapFactor on my android phone or do I have to add my own start, destination and waypoints along the route in order to navigate it?
    Regards Colin
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  • You can use a gpx-file for navigation, but you have to remeber some points.

    What @chattiewomman showed you, is only a way to draw the track of a gpx-file on your map but you can't navigate it.

    To navigate from that gpx-file, you can use "Route Importer" (search at the Play Store).
    BUT - every way- or trackpoint in that gpx-file will be a waypoint in your navigation.
    So, you have to make sure, that you only have a very small amount of waypoints in your gpx-file, otherwise you'll have too many waypoint-flags for navigation. And possibly your device could get slow or the app could get stuck.

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