Exit full mode and use MapFactor Navigator as normal Windows program
  • how to exit full mode / minimize and use it as normal win 10 program?
    I have a large tablet and using it as in car music player, so it would be perfect to use Mapfactor Navigator15 along side with multiple programs on one desktop.
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  • If I remember well, you will find somewhere in this forum an option to start navigator.exe from the execute field with.
  • Thanks a lot. I am not often using command line. Could anyone clarify ? Should I change default_settings xml file or I have got something wrong?
  • This is my example for Windows 10:

    If you look into properties of your navigator icon the target line should read something like this, of course depending on in which folder you installed it:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Navigator15\PC_Navigator\PC_Navigator.exe" --window_border=yes --atlas='C:\ProgramData\Navigator\15.0\atlas_pcn_free.idc'

  • It worked, as well you can control its position manually by adding position command with numbers. Actually window border sizing doesn't work. It is only possible to move a window, maximize or minimize to the size you have set in command.

    I am appreciate your help, at least I am able to adapt Navigator manually to my needs now. Thanks.
  • When using Win+T for Taskbar and Alt+Tab for changing windows, full screen mode is better.

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