Own POI not shown
  • Hi all!

    Since days I am trying to get my own POI to work with NavFree - I just do not manage.

    I converted a standard csv-file using digger 12 and copied the file to the place, where all the other mca are stored.
    The POI File is schown as "imported poi". But when I try to find an entry - no results. 
    When I try to list the POI, NavFree closes or indicates "checking correctnes", which does not change anything.

    What might I doing wrong?


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  • Hi Camper,
    during import you have choice to Show on map - did you select it?
  • Yes, I did.

    Actually I am not so much interested to see the POI on the Map. I need to select a POI from the content of the file and navigate to it.
  • In digger you have the somewhat misleading option "Additional information visibility".
    The first option is "Name".
    You GPX file might contain something like <name>, <cmt>, <desc> and a few more but mostly not relevant.
    Check the "Name" option behind the GPX values you want to search for.
  • I am not using a gpx-file for the import, but very simple csv:  "longitude dezimal, latitude dezimal,name" ; just coordinates and the identifier of a campsite like 

    5.233456,40.88888,abc1223 Sunset View

    Nothing else. I also tried to use a tomtom-ov2-format as input (which works fine with the tomtom app).

    I followed the instructions given in this video: http://www.screenr.com/l8A8.
  • As such that doesn't matter, but did you give the "name" column also the checkmark "Name" in the screen "Additional information visibility" I described?
  • Yes, I also tried that.

    I am giving up and do not follow this thread any more.

    Thanks to all trying to help.


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