Navigator Free on Windows CE 6 on a Philips CED1800BT Head Unit
  • Hi, just tried this out yesterday and today on my Philips unit
    that runs Igo 8 and Primo very well and Sygic Drive 10 not so quickly.
    My questions are
    Is there a minimum CPU/memory spec for Navigator Free to work responsively as it seems very slow especially in the menus.
    I find that the exit of sub-menu screens to be very hit or miss, is it the case that I need a touch screen stylus type thing?
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  • I have the same unit. It can be a bit slow but gets there in the end. The main problem I have is the time being set to Seattle time which means I have to run a script to set the time to UK time every time I use it. I've raised this as a bug but had no response.

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