application language setting dropdown list not entirely correct
  • versions (at least) 2.1.90 to 2.1.94

    My default application language setting is "System default", which is in my case Dutch. When asking something in this forum or helping (trying to help) others I switch the Application language to English UK.
    When I'm done I want to switch back to "System Default" but at that time the language dropdown list contains many "empty" lines and the "System Default" is one of those empty lines.
    When I cancel and then go back into the language setting, the dropdown list with languages is complete again.

    Not a high priority bug, but slightly confusing.
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  • I had this once, about three weeks ago, but never again

  • I've had it at least 5 times in the past 2 weeks. That's why I decided to report it today.

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