$minimize not working
  • Hi, i'm trying to develop a communication system to be able to send sms to a driver and show it while in navigation mode.
    I have a little computer (raspberry pi) on the car which is connected to an android tablet. The pi is running a webserver to interact with the sms send/receiving system and it produce a simple web page that i can access from my Android tablet browser, no big deal.
    Now i want to get a notification that a new SMS has been received while i'm navigating on mapfactor. I know that not all commands have been implemented on Android devices yet so I've tested some on telnet to start figuring out how it works.

    I ran commands like:

    $ telnet 192.168.tablet.address 4242

    Some of them worked properly as in your spreadsheets ($maximize, $software_version, $message), some didn't (like $minimize). For the ones not supported in spreadsheets I'm not complaining (even if i'd find them really useful) but it surprises me that i can't rely on the officially supported ones.

    Am i doing something wrong or is there a bug/issue about them at the moment?

    Thanks for help,

    EDIT: the only thing that comes in my mind (after digging a while around in your forums) is that i don't get the app from playstore, i get the apk and install into tablet, so my tablet could have version compatibility issues 

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