Useability feedback for "alternative routes" feature
  • Hi folks,

    I have bought the new feature pack "alternative routes" for MFN (mapfactor navigator). Well, cool stuff in first place. But I have some remarks on how to use it:
    1) Alternative routes appear only after hitting "navigate". But somehow I would like to plan my route, and navigate the final route I have chosen. Suggestion: please show the alternative routes as well in "route info". I would like to be able to see directions for all available routes in "route info". It would help, if the user could display the selected route on map. Summary: Please bring the map and route info closer together for alternative routes.

    2) Please do not drop the alternative routes so easily. When pressing the soft menu button on my phone, the whole calculation of alternative routes is lost and I would have to recalc again. Summary: Please make alternative routes more persistent. It takes quite some time :(

    Hope this helps to make it even better :)


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