Asking for new features
  • Hi guys,

    first I want to say, that your application is very good!
    I use it since 2011 or 2012. Mostly to navigate on my bicycle while touring accros Europe. To do this, I'm using the free version of the MFN with OSM-maps.
    With each version the navigation and routing will be better!
    Thank you for this!

    And now my questions / asks for features! :-)

    I'm starting with a WinCE device. So I know the feature to toggle on or off the self created *.mca files. This is possible inside the PC version, too. Now I'm using the Android-App and it's not possible to do this. Why? I miss the feature, cause I have a lot of self created *.mca's with hotels and other POI's.

    The second feature I miss, is the ability to config the number of roads I can see in higher zoom levels. If I zoom out, from a certain level on, I can see only big roads like high ways. In others navigation apps (or devices) I can see more roads at the same zoom level (the smaller roads are vissible only as a 1 or 2 pixel wide line, but there are vissible). This feature will be great, if you want to plan your own route by setting stopover points inside the map.

    Thank you for your work!

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