Hangs from the People App
  • Hello,

    I've been using MapFactor for a few days.  Today I set it up so that when I click on the address of a contact in the People App, it opens MapFactor.  It opens the menu asking if I want to navigate, Set as departure, Set as Waypoint ...

    When I click on Navigate, it just hangs.  I left it sit for about 1 minute before force stopping the applications.

    HTC One M8
    Version 2.1.86
    Using the OSM Maps.
    Data is connected via WiFi
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  • Oh, if I type in the address in the Google Search, it works perfectly.

  • There is currently a bug when the app is opened by an address and then choosing a menu entry. I experienced it already with the "Set as destination" function instead. It is not related to the app you were coming from (here People). It is not an issue if Navigator was opened first.
  • it works for me :-)
  • have a word with developer :-)
    are you sure you have v2.1.90?
  • I updated to 2.1.90.   
    Initial routing is back to normal.

    If I try to click on the menu after it has started navigating, then it freezes. Also, when I rotate the phone to landscape, the screen rotates, but it is stuck in normal mode and the bottom buttons are not visible.  Then when I rotate the phone back to normal, it reverts back to slow response and the phone asks me to quit.  Also, if the application is not running when click on the address from the People app, then it freeze.

    None of the above happens if I type in the address in the google search and select Navigate.

    Hope this helps.  Do you want me to send the logs?

  • This used to work quite well in Navigator but not at all anymore. And this is with the 2.1.90 version.

    There are several ways of storing your addresses in Contacts. It can also depend whether you use the contacts option via Gmail-Contacts or via your android builtin contacts app. The Android contacts app mostly nicely separates the several address "parts". Whereas in Gmail contacts (actually contacts.google.com) you can simply put anything in any order, with or without zipcode and with or without comma's to separate street, zipcode, town, country etc.

    Not all combinations work. My addresses are currently a mix of all of above examples and as Navigator can't use any of them anymore I can't give you the correct one(s) (where as Google Maps and Here Maps indeed accept most combinations).
  • I have one address which has house name and also street number - if I leave house name in, Google finds it in Sweden, instead of UK, if I delete house name, correct location is found

    but Navigator works as it always did
  • If 2 experienced users (at least that's what they think of themselves :) ) say that it doesn't work, it does not help to only say that it works for you.

    Please specify what kind of address you use so we can try to reproduce it.
    I already tried creating new contacts using several ways of specifying an address and of course with several addresses. Not one single option I tried works with Navigator (2.1.90). All worked with Google maps and Here maps. To me that means there is definitely something wrong with Navigator.

  • address I use in Germany is
    Annaberger Str 232
    Chemntitz, Germany 09120

    but it works with another address in the UK
  • It didn't work for me at first. I assume you meant Chemnitz instead of Chemntitz, but that doesn't make a difference.
    I tried with Germany and with Deutschland. Navigator simply hangs.

    Then I tried with
    Burgemeester van der Klokkenlaan 55
    -> Navigator hangs (used to work)
    When checking openstreetmap I see that the zipcode is in "the old fashioned way" 5141 EG instead of 5141EG.
    So I tried that and it works !
    Tried Chemnitz again and now it works (no changes. I had added that contact as "GPStest 2")
    Now I tried Burgmeester van der Klokkenlaan again, with the "correct" zipcode and Navigator hangs again.
    Also tried Chemnitz again and now that one hangs again as well.

    Something is wrong in Navigator.
    Note: Here maps doesn't care about "5141EG" or "5141 EG". It even asks whether I meant the POI with that address (a hotel) or the address.

    Edit: Does navigator cache data? In other words: does it mix addresses? I use a zipcode in the first address and when I use NO zipcode in the second address: does it use the "cached" zipcode from the first address? So: are variables (re)initialized between sessions/search actions (not specifially a zipcode but any address related data)?
  • Navigator sends address to Google and gets coordinates, nothing else
    OSM is not involved at all

    I think that the problem was that you could not navigate and that was fixed
    there was no change to finding the address
  • What do you mean?
    I mentioned that it suddenly works twice with the correct address. And then immediately with the same 2 correct addresses it doesn't work anymore and navigator hangs again. 
    Here maps and Google always(!) work and Navigator doesn't. 
    Don't tell me Navigator works correctly. 
    There are 3 people mentioning that it doesn't work, where one does some analysis and finds peculiar results. And you simply deny it is a bug in Navigator.
    If Navigator sends the address to Google then it does something wrong in sending that address.

    Edit: And if it is for some reason a network error/hickup in your wifi or broadband connection, then Navigator should gracefully detect that and mention something like "Can't connect to the internet. Please check your network settings", or something like that.

    In any case: Navigator does something not entirely correct.
    Please think with us instead of simply blocking possible hints to a solution.

    Edit2: I tried again and now I had to reset my phone completely!! Again: don't tell me navigator is functioning correctly.

  • well, I cannot recreate this, for me it works correctly
    as far as I know there was no change

    may be you can give more info on when it hangs
    is Navigator open or closed?
    do you get menu?
    do you click Navigate or Show on map or Set destination?

  • I tried it 5 times in a row on the same address and it did not hang. Are you closing Navigator each time or leaving it running?
  • After the last comment I hoped maybe it is related to the app language, but it also hangs when I am using English or Czech language.

    BTW I already wrote that it hangs only if the app is not already opened the moment I click on the address.
  • I can confirm with Chattiewoman. Navigator is closed (and really closed by either the Exit button or a restart of the phone). I open the contacts app and tap a contact address. At that moment I can select between Google Maps, Here Maps and Navigator.
    All addresses are picked up correctly by Google Maps and Here Maps. 
    All addresses make Navigator hang apart from the 2 succesful tries I mentioned in my post above.

    @Jacob: Did you also try other addresses?

    Further analysis:
    With regard to tomas mentioning "Navigator sends address to Google and gets coordinates, nothing else" and my remark "if it is for some reason a network error/hickup in your wifi or broadband connection": 
    I deliberately switched off both wifi and mobile data and tried again: Navigator doesn't mention anything and stubbornly tries to get some address. The screen remains dimmed and after some time when I press the back key, the screen gets bright again and Navigator seems to be on the last (remembered) GPS position. It does not hang in this test setup.

    Even if this is not the same as the bug we describe above, navigator should immediately detect that there is no network connection and can't connect to Google and should tell the user so. At least there is no correct error checking for the network connection.

    Edit: If this works as tomas mentions (request is sent to Google), this should be mentioned to the user in case he does not want to spill costly mobile data when being abroad. I didn't know it functioned this way.
  • I tried German address, which I posted, and UK address with and without house name as mentioned before
    I tried all three with Navigator closed and opened - I had no problem apart from getting to Sweden instead of UK (as mentioned before)
    I have no reason to mislead you - if I could repeat your problems, I would say so

    I do agree, that error message should be displayed when Google API is not accessible

    I tried
    Burgemeester van der Klokkenlaan 55

    with Navigator closed, with Navigator open in main menu, with Navigator in navigation mode
    no problem - I do not know what else can I do to replicate your problem

    may be your Contacts app is different?
  • Hi Tomas,
    I'm not saying you are misleading me/us. But you seem not to be willing to admit that Navigator could be faulty. 
    There are 3 persons mentioning that it doesn't work. Even if Navigator is not the culpit, it seems (I'm not saying is) somehow not compatible with the standard android intent which the contact app (all contact apps?) uses to communicate the "Search for a Location" intent (see here).

    I do not know whether my Contacts app is different. I do have a Samsung S5 mini stock android 4.4.2 using the stock Contacts app. I know you are on a Samsung as well. Which android version do you use? (and that should actually make no difference at all, but you never know)

    Coming back to languages: @Chattiewoman mentioned that she tried Czech and English (US or UK English?) and I assume German as well. I use Dutch. Which language do you and @Jacob use (and again: on which android version are the both of you)?
  • @hvdwolf I found the bug first with German language. I tried UK English. After a test of 3 languages I don't think it's related to them.
    I am using Android 5.01 (not rooted) on a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and the stock Contacts app. It worked on the same phone with earlier Navigator versions.
  • Jacob has LG G4 I think with Android 4.4, I have Samsung Note Edge with Android 5.1
    both UK English

    when you say you tried another languages, did you mean in Android or in Navigator?
  • well, I switched my Android to German and no problem

  • I downloaded the 1.6.20 version again and it works flawless. Really excellent.
    and downloaded the stable version which is also the 2.1.90.. 

    And now it works. Also for me.
    Somehow in the track of all upgrades "something" is going wrong. So it obviously requires a clean install to make it function again.
    Maybe a "remove data" from the Android App maintenance screen might help as well.
  • interesting, but I do not uninstall, as it would delete 25GB of maps
    however, I do sometimes Reset to default
    or may be something in Cache?
  • I did not want to uninstall either, but Navigator/Android does not allow to install an older version. So you have to uninstall first thereby losing all maps (unless you put them on the internal memory in the navigator folder).
    I bacjuped all my map, favorites, vehicle_profiles and the like, but lost all maps.
  • Please note that this doesn't solve the issue as such. 
    Somehow during the several upgrades the "GeoIntent" functionality goes haywire for a number of users. 
    3 users report this out of 25 active users in this forum. Let's not aggravate the numbers too much and make it 3 users out of a 100 active forum users. That's 3%. 
    If you have 500.000 users out there this could potentially hit 15.000 users who might say: "It works for Here Maps, Google Maps, OsmAnd (and others?).  But navigator does not support this and even hangs. I will drop Navigator."

    No matter it is personally solved for me, and I assume for the others as well when they uninstall and re-install, it is still a bug.
    A bug Mapfactor is willing to solve or not.
  • Happens to me too on 2.1.89 same address works fine in Navigon but in Navigator hangs at selection screen when asked, navigate select as destination show on map etc then i have to force close as app is unresponsive.
  • And again: my 2.1.90 version which I had freshly installed last night (and which required me to download the maps again) and which functioned at that moment is now hanging again upon using the same addresses.
    something really wrong.
  • try to clear cache?
  • No unfortunately not. Several reboots in combination with clearing the cache neither.
    software renderer or hardware renderer makes no difference either (not likely but you never know)
  • v. 2.1.90 on Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. I have similar problem when trying to route direct from Contacts - built sony contact app using Google contacts - If I start Navigator from the contacts app I'm given the options to Navigate, set as waypoint etc. I choose set as destination & Navigator hangs. Show on map or navigate & I'm asked to choose a destination first. Something is not right.
  • please switch debug level to high (settings/advanced), try it again and then send logs
    make it fo my attention and add address you used
  • I zipped and cleaned my log folder. 
    Then did 2 attempts: The first with the Chemnitz address and the second with the Waalwijk address. Debug level set to high. Logs were sent for the attention of Tomas.

    Address 1:
    Annaberger Str 232
    Chemnitz, Deutschland 09120

    Address 2:
    Burgemeester van der Klokkenlaan 55
    5141 EG

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