"Route not found" issue
  • Since some weeks, I get a "route not found" error in my regular trip. This error occurs with both versions 2.1.56 and 2.0.31. I use OSM maps.
    See the highway exit here:
    If I am on this exit, or attempt to set the start of the route here, I always get a "route not found" error, no matter the destination.

    Secondarily, if I disable the toll roads, I can no longer use the highway before this exit, even if the exit is located before the toll. This issue does not occur in the opposite direction.

    I checked the properties of these roads on OSM, but have found nothing suspect. So, I cannot say whether this is really an OSM issue.
    This exit is one of the main roads to enter my town, so it would be really nice of you can find something.
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  • I've had a quick look & I think the problem may be a turn restriction. When you leave the autoroute you travel along a one way motorway link. Where this merges with single two way road & the opposite motorway link OSM shows a no left turn restriction. If the route shows a slight left turn then perhaps navigator can't plot a route from the slip road into the town. You could try removing the restriction or change it to a no U turn if the local traffic laws require this. It works in the opposite directionbecause the turn restriction doesn't apply.
  • I've also spotted another potential problem. Do the motorway links cross above the canal? If so then the sections above the canal should be edited as bridges.
  • (With old maps, from July, everythink seems to be fine.)
    I suppose paid road (toll=yes) start from this node:

    but now this road:
    is described as 'toll=no'.

    (btw) I do not understand why there is tag 'toll=no' on A49 - I think it is no needed, but it is only my opinion.

    ...so if You put start, or via point, or destination, on toll road, Navigator can find routing, even if paid/toll roads are disabled and inform You about it. 
    but if You put start, or via point, or destination, on road with tag 'toll=no' (all roads are free, without restrictions), but routing must go via restricted roads, You get 'route not found' error.

  • I just checked OSM: there is no turn restriction, neither at the beginning nor at the end of the exit.
    The canal too, is not the problem: I can put the start point slightly before it and Mapfactor can calculate the route. But if I put the start point just before the junction between this exit and the other one, which comes from the opposite direction of the highway, it does not work and I get the error.

    My route never passes through the toll, because the exit is before it (about one km before). So, in any case, Mapfactor should be able to calculate the route, as it was able since a long time...

    I just checked the history of the exit:
    There are changes two months ago. This should be it. It seems like the entire exit has been rebuilt. But I still see nothing that could create this error.
  • IMHO the only reason is, that Navigator do not understand tag 'toll=no' but only simply 'toll'.
    Adding 'toll=no' to this link should solve it (see above).
    ...adding, or delete 'toll=no' from/to all road, where needed.
    ...or everything is correct and we must wait for update.
  • @PrzemekSupak:
    Another possibility is that Mapfactor does not "see" that the toll is located after the exit.
    As the last change for this road was 2 years ago, the "culprit" is likely Mapfactor.

    No. The restrictions are built properly and don't prevent to go in the north direction.
    Moreover, as I said, I can put the start point slightly before the canal, that is, before the point you mention, and it works.

    The issue is located here:
    Just after, it works. Just before, error. But here too, the restriction is built properly.
  • As far as I remember there is small issue with routing algorithm - Navigator try avoid paid road and go around, when start point is on free road and destination is on paid road with option paid road disabled.
    IMO routing should use all roads with tag 'toll=yes' when destination is on such paid road.

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