"Navigate Home" icon/shortcut on phone screen
  • Hi,

    "Another nav app" has the possibility of creating a "go Home" (or "Navigate to Home") icon/shortcut on the app screen of your phone (so not in the app itself). I tried that now 2 times and it is really excellent.
    You get in the car, tap the "Go Home" icon on your phone screen and then it's automatic: it opens the nav app, calculates a route from your current position to your home address and starts the navigation. It couldn't be simpler. Just select one of your favorites as  "home" destination and the icon is created.

    I would like that too in my favorite nav app :)

    (Please "up vote" (blue counter in front of this post) if you would like to see that feature too).

    (Edit: this could work both on Android and Windows)
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  • You can pin your favorite destination / route as a Live tile to Start menu on Windows :) It's one of the platform advantages of Windows 8 and newer.
  • Yes, I realized that later.
    In Android it should be possible to create a widget that uses a predefined intent that starts Navigator and immediately starts the navigation to your home address. The other app can do that as well.
  • +1. But for me it would be already nice to have a button "navigate to home" in the menu. Tap this button and it starts the navigation to home, without any other options or buttons for confirmation.

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