how to install Navigator 15 (free) on wince5 double din device ???
  • Hi
    I have a double din car gps/audio device that runs on wince5. I want to install navigator15 free on it to test if it works and then upgrade to navigator15 (commercial version).
    I installed everything on the SD card which now contains a cab file, the language pack and the maps files.
    How do I install these to my device.
    I know it is a simple procedure but I'm now to this wince stuff.
    Thanks in advance.

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  • cab file is for Pocket Navigator, you need to instal WinCE version from Setup utilities

  • Ok and after that how can I upgrade to commercial version ?
  • you can buy it on our web site, or contact sales
  • One last question, If I setup the wince version, will it run from the SD card or will I have to copy the files somewhere ?
  • Hi
    I installed the free version and everything looks to work Ok, The only problem that I see so far is that there is no arrow in the car position, There is a question mark "?". Is there something missing ?
  • that means your GPS has no fix
  • The GPS has I fix. I can see the ? moving and the program is navigating normaly.
  • Also one other thing. Every time I open the navigation program I have to
    go to settings and enable the GPS. Is there anyway to enable it
    permanently ?
  • Try install Navigator on internal memory.
  • your sd may be wrte protected

  • Hi.
    There was an option to start the gps when the program ran so that fixed the problem of the gps not connecting at startup.
    Now how can I fix the the car position that looks like a question mark "?".
    The satellite fix = 10 sats . When the car is going I can see the position and  it is shown as a question mark "?" instead of an arrow. When I stop the car, the question mark disappears and a very small dot it shown. When I speed up again the "?" re appears.  What is missing hear ?
  • Can anyone help with the arrow problem mentioned above ?
  • this comes from NMEA of your GPS, you need to examine your GPS
  • But the gps is working OK. The program is showing the navigation route. The arrow graphic is not showing ! In its place is a "?"
    I don't think that the arrow graphic is a problem with the GPS.
  • it is about fix quality, please check output of your GPS
  • So, it is a matter of compatibility between Navigator and my GPS unit?

    I can see that Navigator using the specific GPS sees 10-12 satellites.

    Navigation is done correctly with no loss on the road. It is just that the arrow is not shown. 
  • you need to examine NMEA from your GPS
    you can record it with Navigator
  • One additional thing that I just noticed is that all the pois also have a question mark instead of an icon.
    How do I record it from within navigator?
  • OK, I'll make a record and post it here if I can.

    what about the pois, why do they all have the "?" sign on them and not an icon ?

    Maybe I'm missing a graphic file or something !
  • you are probably missing icons
  • where can I find these icons.? Why did the installer not put them in the sd card ?
  • normally it does, not sure what you did
  • Well, all I did was to use the installer to install the wince version program files and free maps to the SD card, that's it.

    Do you have a file list of what the SD card should contain after the installation ?
  • under images folder you should have file poi.mca
    it did install correctly while trying a minute ago
  • Yes, there are 3 files in there one of which is poi.mca
  • then you should see icons, may be email screenshot
  • Try install Navigator on internal memory, or close as much aplications/programs as possible.
  • All the problems (no poi icons , no navigation arrow)  went away
    after installing again on a new SD card. Probably there was something
    wrong with the previous card and something was not written correctly.
  • hey everybody,

    I have an Double DIN China RNS (Aurora E46) with mapfactor Version v. 11.0.56 which I bought new in 2012. Since I wanted to update this version, I copied the complete folder from the navi-microSD (2,6GB) onto my computer as a backup.
    I then downloaded Navigator Free and wanted to copy it completely onto the formatted microSD, but it did not work due to less space. So I put every single "map-file" (osm.mca) on the microSD together with every "functional file" (.xml, dll, veh,...)
    My China RNS then identified that maps have been updated, but still shows me the v. 11.0.56 in the progress bar, furthermore it is now unable to work.

    How can I update my maps correctly?

    Many thanks in advance.
  • 11.0.56 is program version, not map release
  • Hi Tomas,

    many thanks for your reply. Should I first update my programm version? How can I do this? Or should I just buy the full (map) version for 79€?
  • if you buy upgrade you get full version 15 including new maps
  • Hi folks  New to this forum and I  am a little confused I have a Chinese GPS unit running WinCE 6  I download the free version but I cannot find  a Win CE 6 version there is a portable device and a PC  where are the CE 6 setup files hinding
  • Ok I finally found the CE version  under Install pocket navigator Now the curious thing  when I installed it to  my PC (under wine) it comes up with a listing for PC Navigator AND PC Navigator FREE  when I install it to the SD card it does not have a free edition and wants a serial number.  WHY?
  • Hi Tomas,

    again many thanks. This probably is the best solution; do I then receive this version on MicroSD or CD/DVD? My Aurora-dealer offered the igo-Navigation programme to me for 100€, but it is a different user surface I ain´t used to - I like the mapfactor programme;)
  • Good morning guys,

    i Need you help , i also have double din wince 6.0  with SD Card. I lost my SD with another Software. So i had to buy a new SD. I bough one and i installed the free Version on it .  I put the SD it in the car and followed instruction. The main page came and i though all is working. I clicked on GPS and suddenlly it crushed down and i became black Screen. i hade to Switch off all the device to be able to go in again and the same happend. it crushed down when i click on GPS, i am even not able to write a street Name cause it crushed before i enter words .

    Can you please help me ?
    do i Need Special Data structure on the SD Card? cause i have all data insallted together on SD


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