Translation bug "Take exit (number)"
  • In German on navigating the last line of the screen indicates the next turn to makre.

    On a highway the line says even when all the other menu is in German:

    "Take exit ..."

    what is even not common Denglish (we say Denglish for English terms now commonly use in German language.

    It should be

    "Nehmen Sie Ausfahrt ..." or "Ausfahrt ..."

    By the way: at least on A4 around Chemnitz you find the exit number on just one single street sign indication the exit. The name of the exit is given at least two times. So if you miss the one sign with the exit number, the last line of the screen is useless for you. So I would prefer a message there also indicating the name of the exit as "Ausfahrt 70 - Chemnitz Ost" or "Ausfahrt 70 - Chemnitz Ost".

    And: you could omit "Nehmen Sie ...". When indicating the turn into the next street, MFN also does not indicate "Turn into Straße Usti nad Labem" or "Abbiegen auf Straße Usti nad Labem" but only "Straße Usti nad Labem". The same may apply to a highway exit.
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  • The German translation issues have been already solved by me. Please wait for the next version.
  • Interestingly the GLED Version does not indicates exit numbers at all. Ist just shows the street or exit name. Above topic was started for the "normal" Playstore version.

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