exporting a route for use on another phone
  • Hello, I'm new of the forum (and of mapfactor...)
    I apologize if the question was already done but I' don't how to search this on the history of the discussion
    Well, my goal is planning a route on my phone and share this with other person that will do the same route together (we use  motorbike so it useful have the same waypoint in case of "lost member" on road...)
    Have I to create a GPX or it is possible only to copy the file routing_points.xml?
    eventually, how can I create the gpx file?
    I create a new vehicle profile (motorbike); how can I associate a different icon to this?
    Thank in advance
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  • the routing_point.xml file is enough to share. Of course, you and you friends have to have the NavigatorFree from MapFactor. On other system it won't work.

    Creating a gpx-file is better done with an external tool, so like www.osrm.at - routing maps. You can export as gpx. But gpx-files aren't for routing, you just can show the track on the map and follow it on your own.

    To create an other icon, I'm afraid, that is is not possible (as far as I know).

  • thanks crocodilefarm (Y)
    Yes we will use the same version of mapfactor, so, is enough to share a copy of routing_point.xml file and replace the existent on every device (making a copy of the personal routes) mine will have only the route we have decide to do..
    we will try asap
    thanks again

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