Long address path to .gpx files
  • I move all .gpx files I have created on my 'phone to my PC for future reference, typically.  I struggle to find them on my 'phone, either through the 'phone itself or connected to my PC because the path seems so long and not obvious.  This is it: Computer\XT1039\SD card\Android\data\com.mapfactor.navigator\files\navigator\gpx.  I wonder what other users do?
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  • The path to my phone via Windows Explorer (phone connected via USB) is Computer\Xperia active\SD-Karte\navigator\gpx. Since the OS is Android Icecream Sandwich, this is rather short. Your path looks ok for me for later versions of Android.

    You could try the software Myphonexplorer, available at the Playstore for Android-phones and on the site of the programmer for the pc. There you can create folder pairs for sync quite easily. I use this for syncing photos, a couple of selected files assembled to a designated folder, MFN maps, routes, maps for Oruxmaps and more. Once connected the sync of all files is just two clicks away.
  • Oldie
    I thank you for your prompt and constructive reply.  I shall investigate your suggestion.
  • on my Google Nexus 7 (2013) with Android 5.0.2 I find my gpx-files here:

  • Crocodilefarm
    I have /storage/emulated/0/navigator/temp only.  Incidentally, there are 24 temporary files, mpfctmp, plus another eight in /storage/sdcard1/navigator but outside the temp folder dated 26th and 28th June , all 0 bytes.  I installed MapFactor around that time (I noted 27th, but could be wrong).  None have been created since.  I assume I can delete them but wonder what caused just those files to be created and in two different places.
  • Possibly you decided to install on SD card, or later moved app to SD card. Mine is Computer\XT1068\SD card\Android\data\com.mapfactor.navigator\files\navigator. Using Android 5.0.2.
    I installed maps to sdcard then later moved app to sdcard.
    I also have Computer\XT1068\Internal storage\Android\data\com.mapfactor.navigator\files\temp on the internal storage with 16 temp files all 0 bytes. Have deleted them many times but they always come back eventually.
    I also have a 5.0.2 folder with nothing in which I have also deleted only to return later.

  • Well, my Nexus doesn't have an external or extra sd-card. Everything is only stored in the on memory on board. This míght be a build in sd-card - I don't know. But that's why I only have ...storage/0/...

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