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  • Hi,

    I've edited the colour scheme I use quite extensively; navigating is no problem, as I could also change the "Navigation highlight" to suite my new scheme.

    However, if I go to "Itinerary/Calculate route",  the "calculation highlight is unchanged, and together with my new colour scheme it's very nearly invisible.

    Is there any way to change the colour of this highlight that I simply haven't found yet?

    If not, I'd like to make this a FEATURE REQUEST.

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  • If I understood your request correctly, the answer is hidden behind a "suboptimal" German translation :-D

    Einstellungen --> KARTE --> Kartenfarben --> Navigation Höhepunkt
  • Actually, I changed to the English version a while ago.

    My problem is that the Navigation Highlight behaves differently, in these two situations:

    1. I set a destination and  additionally set my current coordinates as departure point, then tap...
                          Route Info / Navigate
    and get a highlight in the colour I chose, highly visible for me.

    2. If I choose the same start and end of my route, but then tap...
                          Route Info / Itinerary / calculate route / show on Map
        ... the highlight is in a totally different colour (a kind of pale purple) that's much harder for me to see (due to my choice of street colours, possibly also because I am slightly colour blind).

    I would like both highlights to be the colour of my choice.

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