Voice guidance
  • Let's start with saying that I only use MF for voice guidance during motorcycle tours that I or someone else planned ahead. I also have tomtom mobile for point a to b guidance which is far superior to mf when you only rely on spoken directions. But since Tomtom lacks in waypoint implementation and advanced route planning I turn to MF. The things that really annoy me about the MF voice guidance and that I would love to see upgraded in new versions are:
    - disable the waypoint announcements (optional per waypoint).
    - when you get directions to make a turn wich is followed closely by another turn the second instruction often come too late and without a warning so you miss it and you need to turn around. This would work better when the guidance tells you something like: turn left then turn right.
    - last of all, the ability to work with gpx format would be great and there should also be a better way to import your routes from another device (pc), instead of manually messing with the xml files.

    Hope you guys care about it as much as I do☺.
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  • to import GPX files click on one and select Navigator

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