Importing, exporting and SD card files
  • I am a long-term, but somewhat lapsed, contributor to OSM.  I discovered MapFactor Navigator FREE only yesterday.   I was delighted to find something so apparently feature-rich.  I have used Google Navigator and was disappointed in its paucity of features.  I was hoping to find an OSM app and now, I have!
    I have used a Garmin eTrex Legend for eight years and love it.  I wish to do the same sort of thing with MapFactor Navigator FREE on my Android 'phone, i.e. move .gpx files from and to my Windows PC.  I do not understand yet from all that I have read the best way to execute these procedures and would appreciate a user's assistance.
    One further point: I am surprised that, having connected my 'phone to my PC, nothing related to the OSM data that was downloaded and installed as part of the process of installing MapFactor Navigator FREE, nor the .gpx files created subsequently, displays in the 'phone's SD card folder in Windows Explorer as would be the case with my eTrex.  Can someone explain why?
    Finally, discovery of this app has reawakened my passion to further contribute to OSM.  I gratefully thank the creators of MapFactor Navigator FREE.
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  • in Android you can click on a GPX file and select Navigator, or just copy GPX file to android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/gpx

    to move Navigator to SD got to Settings/advanced
  • Tomas
    I thank you for your reply.
    1. On my 'phone I have Menu>Tools>Record/Replay/Manage GPS files>GPX.  Touching a .gpx file gives me the following dialog box: Action: Show on map; Replay; Rename; Delete; Delete All; Share.  There is no mention of Navigator.
    2. Touching Settings>OTHER: Advanced>Change installation SD-Card shows a dialog box titled 'Select Navigator data storage path' containing Internal Storage and External SD Card 1 paths and spaces.  My OSM data is confirmed by a blue dot to be on the SD card already yet does not display in Windows Explorer when my 'phone is connected to my PC.
    Finally, I am unsure how to activate or use the paths that you suggest on my Moto G Android 'phone and how that moves .gpx files between my 'phone and my PC.
  • 1. Tomas mentioned how it would work in/from a file manager in Android.
    You describe how it works from within Navigator.

    2. This is either a phone setting or an Android setting (4.x+). My Samsung can't be accessed either on that level (not by Windows, Linux, Chromebook or OS X).

    You have some general areas on your phone where you can copy "things" between pc and phone. Copy it to your phone and on your phone use an Android file manager to copy it, or double-click it like Tomas describes.
    Personally I use dropbox to sync my Routes from Linux and Chromebook to phone. From android dropbox you can directly save (export) to the right folder. It gives me the option to have any route file synced on all my devices.
  • hvdwolf
    I thank you for your informative reply.
    'silver' in my username hints at my age.  I come somewhat late to the show and did not know file manager or file explorer apps existed for mobile 'phones.
    I have downloaded and installed ES File Explorer.  I have located the .gpx files (only by a deep search) copied one through a WiFi
    connection to my PC and imported it to Garmin BaseCamp.  Lo! and behold, all the track
    properties are there just as they would be from my eTrex Legend.  Fantastic!
    One thing remains: in ES File Explorer, at least, I cannot see complete paths.  If anyone can help with that it would be the icing on the cake!
    My thanks to you both.
  • I am using X-plore, I find it very good
  • Hi silverman,

    There is also "File Manager" from Cheetah mobile which displays the full path, but it comes with adds which I peronally think is very annoying, but you can of course buythe full version.
    If you are indeed already some time around you might remember norton commander. That went Open Source and became total commander. Also available for Android. It comes with plugins for all kind of things like google drive, ftp, dropbox, etc. It does display the full path.
    It is not as userfriendly as ES or File Manager though.
  • In ES File Explorer, highlight a folder, tap "More" (it's the one with 3 vertical dots), then Properties. You'll see the complete path.
  • For importing and exoprting data between SD card and pc, I recommed this android phone manager tool.
    how to transfer files from android to pc
  • Hey Malisa54, your link is broken...
  • The post may be serious, but I dont know. You would have to put the http ... at the beginning. It is at the end of the link now.

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