Request for setting up desired arrival time
  • Hi there, first of all, thanks to the devs of Navigator. It is really a neat piece of software.
    I haven't been using it on Android for a while now, but I was excited to see some improvements and enhancements compared to the old version nearly 3 years ago, great job.
    Now, almost since the beginning I was wondering if there is going to be the possibility to plan your trip in advance and enter your desired arrival time in order to check out when you would have to depart. For instance your trip duration is one hour, you want to arrive at 10am. Now you should have an option to enter your desired arrival time (10am), and when you're going to depart at 8:45am, there is a small notification in the panel (if desired) which will display +15min. That could additionally be emphasized with a green (if you're ahead) or red (if you're behind) background color.
    And it would be great as well, if there could be an option for adding a custom amount of minutes on top of the Navigator's own calculation. Let's say, I have a trip from A to B, and I know the are lots of traffic lights inbetween or it's just rush hour. In this case I would love to add 10min in order to have a more accurate arrival time. Maybe it's just me, but I really favor to see if I have more time left than I need.

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