OpenStreetMap Hardware Funding Drive 2015
  • Hi.

    We all know that Mapfactor Navigator Free is an excellent turn-by-turn navigation software. But some of its advantages remain that it uses for the free option OpenStreetMap (OSM) map data. So i would say that, many companies like Mapfactor at some extent own to OSM some of the popularity they have achieved.

    So because of that i am starting this discussion at the MapFactor Forum to let here people know that the OSM servers are projected to hit capacity by mid 2015, and they are accepting donations, since OSM is managed by a non profit organization, you know that money to support operating costs is always an issue.

    Please support this project, OSM is still a little far from their goal!
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  • Donation made already :)
    Thanks for sharing!
  • Done, with pleasure.

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