Bug in OSM map conversion?
  • There is a bug in my (OSM) Germany West map.

    See this OSM position: http://osm.org/go/0Gl0wJQF?m=
    According to its history, it didn't change for a long time.
    But in Navigator it looks like that:
    (Please tell me if picture is not visible to you.)
    The line is not only broken, but the left part has a wrong street name.

    Did I review the history wrong, or is it really a map conversion bug?
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  • This seems like a map conversion bug. Instead of the road it takes part of the admin border as road. It is correct in OSM

    However, the admin boundary has changed quite often inthe past few months.
  • Well, it looks like, that (in the history) there was a change in the map on 2015-05-12. The street is corrected, but the streetname now contains again mistakes ("Lagesche Srtaße").

    Maybe that map-fix isn't allready in the new MapFactor-maps.

  • Thanks for the hints about the typo. I fixed it, together with other missing data that were entered by me long time ago, then destroyed by another user.
  • Jaja, immer die anderen   :-\"
  • Jaja, zu dumm dass ich noch genau weiß, dass ich jedem Streckenabschnitt einen maxspeed verpasst habe, und der nun, neben Relationen, auch fehlte, und genau dieser fehlerhafte Abschnitt nur noch einen User in der Historie hatte - nicht mich ;-)

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