Navigator losses WiFi downloading updates.
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    I am Using Navigator on Android phone and tablet. When updating the osm maps on the phone, the advert changes and the WiFi disconnects in turn freezing the download and doesn't reconnect the map servers. This does not happen on the tablet. The phone only disconnects in this way when updating mapfactor navigator osm maps and all other apps on phone are OK.
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  • what makes you think that Navigator disconnects ?
    why would Navigator disconnect on one device and not on other?
  • Navigator might disconnect because Android behaves diferently in other versions and on other hardware. As MNF uses Android and its APIs to "talk" to the hardware, GPS in this case, it could also be MNF using incorrect function calls.
    But it is indeed more likely that it is not MNF.
    That brings us immediately to the following point: what is your hardware and android version on both devices?
    Do the logs say anything? Does one of your devices (the phone in particular) run Android 5.0? If so: 5.0 is plagued by a GPS bug. See also other posts in this forum.
    My replyis not an asnwer or solution either but you need to give more information.
  • @hvdwolf
    angyork is talking about wifi connection when downloading maps, not GPS.
  • may be direct download would perform better - settings/advanced
  • Sorry. I completely overlooked that.

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