17 days old OSM updates not appearing in latest (2 days old) MFN map version
  • Two parts of the MFN map of France were updated a couple of days ago: North and West. 
    I expected some changes I made 17 days ago in OSM to appear in these maps, but they don't. For example: http://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/31250066

    This might be normal or not, it depends on the OSM export/MFN map building process that I don't know in details.

    So my question: is this normal, and how long does it usually take for an OSM change to appear in the corresponding MFN map?

    Thanks a lot!
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  • I think that you have May release
    May changes will be in June release, later this month
  • Oh, do you mean the version of france_osm_north.mca released on the 2nd of June is the May release (and therefore integrates updates from April, probably)?
  • yes, but I think it was release earlier
    you can set early map updates in settings/advanced
  • Well, france_osm_north.mca was updated on June 2 for sure. I had the previous release installed before being notified, so I upgraded to this one.

    Delay is not a problem actually, I was just wondering whether everything was ok. And obviously it is :)

    Thanks for the "early map updates" heads up though because I'll probably have a use for it in a few weeks, for another country. I'll have a look at that!
  • early maps is approx one week earlier, it is meant for testing, before everybody gets it
    notification for non-early maps can take between 1 and 7 days, it depends when you updated last time
    in your case you could have had maps may be two weeks earlier
  • OK, got it! Which corresponds to basically when I made the changes. Makes complete sense, thanks.

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