Odd routing, driving in all side streets
  • When passing the following route to PC Navigator 14, the routing goes into every side street. I don't understand why:


    (The way points are "Netzknoten" that is usually the middle point of a crossing.)

    The route looks like this (Why can't I insert a picture without uploading it to a web server first?)

    I'm using the standard Maps for Germany:

    Good that I took that screenshot, because I just had to restart the program and now the routing looks fine ?????

    OK, apparently this is caused by
    Menu\Settings\Navigation Settings\Allow waypoint U-Turn
    being off. If I allow U-turns, it works as expected.

    Is that normal, that changing this option requires a restart of the program to take effect?

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  • No, usually you don't have to restart the program after you changed that option. As far as I know, you only have to restart the program, when you (de)select one or more maps

    Das mit den Netzknoten, keine Ahnung.
  • I think that your waypoints are on side streets
  • basically it´s a good idea to place the waypoint directly behind the crossroad on which you want to drive.
    I had the same problem with that.

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