Where do I put the mca file of my self generated POIs in PC Navigator 14?
  • I have successfully created a new mca file from a csv file with one data line using digger. Now I would like to use this POI file in PC Navigator 14.

    I read several threads about this here, but most seem to be about the free version and for Android.

    I tried to put the file to the following directories:

    1. The main directory of the Navigator PC installation:
    2. The data directory I configured the setup program to use:
      which contains most of the other mca files (earth_ta.mca, germany_ta_xxx.mca ...)
    3. The subdirectory images of 2.
      which contains some more mca files (poi.mca, sign.mca ...)

    But the POI does not show up. Neither is there an icon on the map, where the coordinates say it should be, nor do I get the new POI group in the list of Menu\Settings\Map\Select POI types.

    Where am I supposed to place this file?
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  • if you use digger on the same PC, then your file will be placed automatically, no need to move it
  • I have run digger on the same pc and it placed the file in the subdirectory "import" of the directory I put digger-qt.exe, which in this case is C:\digger_12_1_5\import
    So where am I supposed to put the digger installation for this to automatically work the way you described?
  • c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MapFactor\SetupUtility\Data\
  • Hello,

    I store mca-files created with digger in the folder with the maps. In my case: C:\Programme\Navigator14\PC_Navigator\config\map

  • The path is specified in atlas_pcn(_free).idc, by default
              <data purpose="import">__USERPATH__\import\</data>
    which is
    for example (Win7)
  • Sorry, didn't see, that there were multiple answers.
  • Thanks mdx, that helped:

    In my case (Windows XP German) is was
    C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\operator\Anwendungsdaten\Navigator\14.3\import

    Now it works.

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