Is it possible to automatically start navigation after remotely sending waypoints?
  • I have managed to send way points through an IP-connection to PC Navigator like this:

    $destination=51.48xxx,6.9xxxxx;51.47xxxx,6.94xxxx;51.46xxxx,6.95xxxx;50.36xxxx,7.5xxxx;"from bla via blub and blub to somewher";navigate;departure

    This results in the user getting the message icon. He has to click on the icon and start the navigation manually. That's a bit inconvenient. I would like to automatically generate a route and start the navigation for it without the user having to do anything interactively.

    Is that possible?

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  • Thanks, this got me one step further: I can now remotely display the dialog where the user can select "Navigate" by adding the "instant" parameter:

    $destination=51.48xxx,6.9xxxxx;51.47xxxx,6.94xxxx;51.46xxxx,6.95xxxx;50.36xxxx,7.5xxxx;"from bla via blub and blub to somewher";navigate;departure;instant

    But that's still one manual step.
    There is no $start_navigation command, only a $stop_navigation.

    My users can probably live with that.
  • I would check command without text, i.e.
    (I am not sure if you want to use also "departure" for your project)
  • I just found, that passing 'instant' now instantly starts the routing. This is odd, because the first time I tried it, it required the user to press a button.

    Thinking about it: The current route does not have a description, so maybe that's it.

    Regarding 'departure': Yes, you might be right. For real world situations my users won't need the 'departure' parameter. I'm currently simulating the routing, so for that I need it.

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